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ActiDiet Feedback

Teresa Carter Michelle is lovely consultant, explains everything to you,always there for help ans any questions have,meals are yummy and filling and reasonable prices need to start bk in newyr for new me xx

Helen Ashdown Smith Been on this diet for only six months had all inclusive and Christmas and have not stayed true to the diet week in week out but still lost three stone been trying lose weight for thirty years and never kept it off but this is so easy and I'm still losing it's like Michelle Stoton says the only way it doesn't work is when you don't do it and she's right every time I put a couple of pounds on I go back to it and lose what I put on and then lose a bit more so here's to another three stone this year and it's also trained my eating so much JUST LOVE IT XXXXXX

Deborah Louise Bithell  Where do I start :0) I've been wanting to lose weight but wasn't getting anywhere so decided to give VLCD a go, I lost 13 and half lb in nearly 3 weeks and have kept it off. DERM Purchased face creams which make my face feel wonderful, I usually have dried skin this time of year but not anymore. Just purchased Ultraderm New Skin Mask and used it for the first time results are amazing my skin already feels like silk. Can't wait for the make up.

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Julie Allen
12 December at 20:39
Week 5 weigh in and another 3 lb lost. That's 25 lb in 5 weeks. Michelle Stoton u weren't wrong when u said I could lose 2 stone before Xmas, next weigh in is next Thursday and I will be over the moon if I reach 28 lb. X

Emma Moore
27 November at 05:34
Week 2 and total loss of 17lb woo hooo

Kelly Thorne
12 November
So pleased that after 3 weeks on vlcd I have lost 1 stone 5lbs which has taken me from obese to just overweight! Never thought I'd b happy 2 b 'overweight'.

Gemma Perkins
17 November at 08:53
10lb loss and 7 1/2 inch loss in first week!

Anna Janette Williams
13 November
Day 4 and 5lb off a happy bunny thanks Michelle Stoton x

Kim Baker
25 October
Day 8 weigh in after a full week on VLCD and I've lost 7.5lbs. Woahh so shocked and happy

Andrea Blay
25 October · Armthorpe
Day 5 minus 9lb roll on day 7

Carley Austin
25 October
4 day weigh in and 7lb gone! Even double checked as I didn't believe the scales!! Beyond happy  x

Sally Hesling
16 October · Ardsley East
Day 4 weigh in. Time of month so wasn't expecting much especially after only 3 days.... 6lb gone! Boom!

Melisa Callear
4 October · Edited
Day 5 weigh in today.....happy to say 8lb off xx Michelle Stoton

Becky Jones
23 September
Chocolate Mint Shake beaut just like the ice cream

Vicky Flynn
14 June · Manningtree
Been on acti diet for 3 days and lost 5lbs! I found it really hard and was so hungry! Been off it today and tomorrow but back Monday! The results are great! Xx

Donna De Gabrielle
3 June · Armthorpe
Lost 9lbs on my first week

Sarah Wilburn
31 March
First day of the 7day challenge today, got to say the strawberry shake is gorgeous, miles improvement on the herbalife one!! Fingers crossed x x
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Stephanie Hope
21 March
Loving this diet!! 6lb loss in my first week and finally lost my xmas weight!! Had a day off to go drinking but actually looking forward to getting back on the diet today x

Maria Wesdorp
23 February · Edited
SO glad Michelle persuaded my to order the mach n cheese, day one made the lasagne it was gorgeous, now to try other recipes, thank you Michelle for your help

Natalie Collins
23 June
2 weeks over, loss: 13lbs. (Had a weekend of drinking too!)
Back on it today: still got more to lose. Porridge biscuits for breakfast, soup for lunch, shake and spag bol for tea:-)
Chez Mitchell
16 June · Thirsk
Sat 14th June I weighed 15st 1lb Today Mon 16th June I weigh 14st 10.5 lbs. Lost 4.5 lbs in 2 days with Hydra Slim & Silhouettes. So wasn't expecting that x

ActiDerm Feedback

Angie Jones the facial you gave me was superb. The products of actiderm just loved my skin and the dryness has gone. I felt fabulous. Skin still great. X

Racheal SmokeFree Close The party was great, fantastic host, the results of the wrap and facial were amazing, can't wait to get it all and try it out x

Gemma Louise Silverwood party was fab, the results demonstrations were amazing! The main difference between actiderm and other cosmetics is that most cosmetics try to cover up the problem actiderm helps prevent/correct the problem. I'll definitely be a regular customer after what I saw!

Patricia Backhouse I am a sceptic about any and everything but admit it was a seeing is believing moment...i even spent money and thats another thing I don't do.lol spend just cos i've been invited....i was more than impressed with the facial but wowed by the body wrap instantly tightening skin and the inches disappear in front of your eyes...seriously! Not a lot of people know that....lol

Tina Lauder Well I had the facial at the party and was blown away by the results !! We went out after the party and I felt great! The day after my skin was lovely still glowing and lifted, not my usual tight blotchy look and that was after a very late drunken night ! Amazing products and I have booked a party ! I am considering going back into party plan after about a ten year break due to the quality of the products and the results I saw!

Sara Ruthven i so wanted to try the wrap and lost 4.5 inches on the night of the party.....and a further 1.5 inches when i measured myself 2 days later. My sister had the facial and it took years off her. Such amazing product and a fantastic consultant...would so recommend !

Julie Boots Barnes Bought the collogen n kelp body cream just over a week ago n blimey charlie YES it does what it says! My skin is looking a lot less granny esp arms thighs n chest! More than worth the money.

Carole Roper Today I had a lovely massage withMichelle Stoton, she is such a lovely person and I've come home feeling great and relaxed, I will be booking in again as soon as I can, thanks michelle,xx